Clifton S. Gardner

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IT Consultant Software Architecture Application Systems Development Systems Integrator Project Manager Entrepreneur

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Perspective on Roles


Software architecture and development are my passions. It's also important to consider perspectives of not only those using your product but those funding and supporting your product and APIs.


I believe to be successful and complete the mission, a leader must trust their people, create and environment for success, hear and act on the team's concerns, and remove obstacles that prevent the team from completing their work.


Focusing and prioritizing on customer need will drive better results. This means that we must seek to understand the vision and goals for the product and how it supports business need.

About Me


Washington DC Metro


Clifton has extensive experience in the software and application development field. He has developed apps and managed projects in various technologies including ERP integtation, Web, and the AWS Cloud Platform.

He has held postions with Avis Rent-a-Car, Philip Morris USA, and Lockheed Martin. He has worked with clients from the Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC), Fannie Mae, Marsh Inc., Engelhard Corp, The Lewin Group, SAG Corporation, and the Department of the Navy.




Javascript | JQuery | KnockoutJS | VueJS | HTML | CSS


MySQL | Oracle | MS SQL Server

Server Side

PHP | PL/SQL | NodeJS | Apache HTTP | IIS


Docker | AWS ECS | AWS Fargate | AWS Lambda | AWS SQS |

Software and tech are my passions. I'm 100% committed in staying abreast of current trends and approaches. In particular, I'm interested in tech and methods that can be game changers in terms of deliverying better solutions faster such as Serverless (AWS Lambda and Containers), automated testing, Countinous Integration and Delivery.